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  • 01/04/16
    By some estimates, termites cause about $40 billion per year in damage globally, and they destroy parts of more than 600,000 homes in the United States alone. The amount of wood a single colony destroys depends on the type of termite and the type and condition of the wood... (read more)
  • 12/23/2015
    Rats, mice, and other pests, not only are they a nuisance, but they could damage your home and carry diseases. While you want to get rid of these critters, many toxic forms of pest control could be deadly to your pets... (read more)
  • 12/18/2015
    A pesticide that was present in milk in the early 1980s may be linked to signs of Parkinson's disease that are showing up in people today, according to a new study... (read more)
  • 12/18/2015
    Rodents are looking for a new home as we get into the colder months, perhaps your humble abode may become their crash pad. Wildlife Removal professionals say lately raccoon activity has picked up across the entire area and they are finding creative ways to mooch off of you... (read more)
  • 12/18/2015
    Bedbugs are the ultimate travel nightmare, and you might not know you've brought them home with you until it's too late. Spare yourself the mental and financial anguish of bedbugs by always doing this one thing as soon as you step into your hotel room... (read more)
  • 12/18/2015
    The Florida Department of Health in Santa Rosa County issued a rabies alert for the North U.S. 87 area around Coldwater Church Road in Milton after a cat tested positive for rabies Tuesday. The alert will continue for 60 days... (read more)
  • 12/9/2015
    I sprayed and patched all the carpenter bee holes in the arbor above our deck. I chronicled those wars back in the early summer, as you might remember. I was feeling good about at least battling the bees to a draw – until I noticed that a squirrel had been chewing the wood all around the most prominent bee hole, even though I’d sprayed it and filled it... (read more)
  • 12/1/2015
    Today I am concluding a series of articles, which began in June, on Lawn and Landscape Pests. As I travel across Central Alabama, I receive more calls about nuisance wildlife than any other natural resource subject. I trust this series has not only been entertaining but also informative and empowering. Most homeowners can care for their property with minimal cost and effort. All one needs to know are the characteristics of the nuisance species involved. Today, let's look at raccoons... (read more)